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Smart Commerce | Blog

What was the problem faced? A leading global apparel company approached our team with an issue wherein their global ERP implementation could not meet India specific GST requirement. It turned out that their source ERP system generates only one credit note that comprised of multiple invoices. Whereas the GST portal requires that a credit note is mapped only to a single invoice. The client was unable to manually reconcile the credit note as it needed to be done at the item line level. This proble

How Smart Platform helped a leading interior retail company to automate their quotation creation process

What was the problem faced? Designia is one of the leading interior retail brand that deals in laminate and surface decor materials. Their existing quotation preparation was a manual process which made it very tedious, time-consuming and errors prone. Also, their manual process made it difficult to track the conversions. The customer looked at several options to address this problem • Off the shelf market apps were too complex and too expensive for his business. • The customer had to change hi

Smart Commerce | Blog

Smart Stars is our thriving customer insights application that helps your business in the collection, automation and analyzation of all your customer feedbacks and queries. We help in bringing you solutions to your customer drawbacks in order to provide your customers with a memorable buying journey with you. This product helps you to efficiently understand your customers and successfully track their satisfaction through predictive tools, data insights and engagement strategies. Smart Stars en

Smart Commerce | Blog

The newly evolving technologies and mobile applications have radically brought a change in to our business and personal life. Changes are taking place in organizations at a rapid pace. Now, there is a need for quick informed decisions, increased efficiency in service and access to information on the go. Any business organization wishing to improve efficiency in their business processes is now opting to digitize their manual process. And since this digitization process will continue to revolutio

How Smart Platform helped a leading interior retail company to automate their quotation creation process

Let us begin by asking a key question: “What is the most valuable asset of any business?” Whatever may be your industry, business size or growth stage, one thing that is valuable to all is customers. Customers are the reasons for your success or failure as a business. They are the best judge of your products and services. Often, they serve as the springboard for new business ideas. To bring in positive customer satisfaction, it is important that you understand them first and Smart Stars helps yo

5 Things to keep in mind before Automating a Business Process

With automation now becoming a business necessity, companies are faced with several questions - Where do we start? Do we start at all? How to understand which process needs automation? Process Automation is the digitization of any manual process in a way that centralizes information within an organization. A business could choose to automate anything from a simple electronic filing system to streamlining all workflows within a department. Following are the common reasons why most busi

Why You Should Automate Your Inventory Management

Inventory management is a crucial part of your business if you are a product based company. Daily stock reports, minimum stock maintenance, Storage locations, tracking, of goods movement and stock value, seamless interaction with Purchase, Dispatch and Stores, etc, are important aspects of the inventory management function. Here are a few reasons why you should automate your inventory management - Let’s face it - manually keying in inventory data is time-consuming and tiring. Automating invent

4 Things to remember for an enhanced Customer Support Experience

It can be tempting to design a support process around what your business needs, rather than what your customers want. But the reality is, the customer support experience paints a customer’s perception. It can have a lasting impact on customer loyalty, their buying behavior and future customer interactions. By making sure your customer touch-points are well designed, you can improve your customer’s overall experiences. Here are five things most customers want from a customer support experience.

Automate your Lead Generation with Smart Platform

Studies show that about 80% of leads from marketing are abandoned by sales for being unqualified. While sales networks complain of poor lead quality, your marketing team finds it difficult to justify their significant marketing investments because of poor lead closure rates. With Smart Platform, your team can generate quality leads that are truly sales-ready. Our lead management system will help you find your next customers. With lead details and interactions in one centralized integrated platf

Traditional Wear across Different Indian States for Men – Kutti Mapillai

Considering the cultural diversity from state to state in India, the country has a range of different languages, cuisines and fashion. Ethnic clothing in India not only varies by state but also according to the different religions, tribes and communities within the state. Here’s a rundown of the various traditional wear found in some Indian states for men. Gujarat is a state that has bright colors in their traditional wear. The traditional male garment of Gujarat consists of two pieces. The upp

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Superstars Who Rocked the Swag Dhoti Look! – Kutti Mapillai

The love for veshtis knows no bounds. From commoners to politicians, men are pulling off the dhoti look with ultimate swag. This holds true for our South Superstars as well who have managed to rock the dhoti look like a pro in their films. We have seen these heroes romancing and fighting their way out of their troubles in their stylish avatar of dhotis. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent dhoti looks donned by our favorite South Superstars! Can this list even begin without the mention o

The Rising Culture of Dhoti – Kutti Mapillai

Dhoti, the traditional attire for South Indian men, has marked its presence in various functions and proceedings. Our leaders of the past looked dignified in their dhotis – each in their own style. K. Kamaraj wore white dhotis and loose-fitting shirts; Gandhi turned it into a knee-length half-dhoti, and Subramaniam Bharati wore it as a panchakacham teamed with a black coat. Without a doubt, the white dhoti today brings to mind of politicians with their full smiles. The origin of the dhoti may b

Kick Off Dhoti Day with Kuttimapillai – Kutti Mapillai

Dhoti, the traditional formal male attire in South India, will find its significance again on ‘Dhoti Day’ on January 6. With Dhotis back in fashion, everyone from old men to the young ones can be seen flaunting their Dhotis in style. This special day encourages everyone to wear festive Dhotis to represent not just the state’s culture but also the culture of South India as a whole. ‘Veshti Day’, as it is known in Tamil Nadu, strives to safeguard the interests of the handloom weavers along with e

Theo&Ash - Blog - 5 Most Iconic Leather Jackets in Movies

From a rock star to a biker, everyone wants a leather jacket. Part rebellious, part allure, part feasibility, leather jackets can serve many intents. Nothing truly completes an outfit on-screen or off-screen than a classic leather jacket. Whether warming the back of a smooth saver of the day or amplifying the ruggedness of a superhero, the jackets worn by our much-loved film characters manage to say more about them than any other article of clothing seen on-screen. Today, we break down the most

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